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Cyril Furniture | Cyril Furniture by Cyril Barret - Part 2

Cyril Barret designs and produces made-to-measure curtains, net curtains, sofas,

seats, and furniture to suit the wishes and tastes of each client.



Following his classical training with the « Compagnons du Devoir », Cyril Barret, interior-decorator, craftsman, and adventurer, has spent 25 years perfecting his art, designing prestigious interiors, and perpetuating French know-how.


French Style

The curtains are sewn by hand, lined and quilted. The fabrics come from Europe, especially France. The accessories (quilting, lining, hooks…) are also made in France.
The cabinet-making and carpentry department produces skirting boards, half-timbering and customised furniture (chests of drawers and console tables).
Cyril Barret is a fabric expert and insists that all his materiels meet the highest standards, then blends them to achieve stunning results.
The sofas and armchairs have solid-wood frames made from carefully-selected timber, covered with fabrics from the leading European Designers, to offer you the largest possible range of materiels and colours. Only carefully-sourced, top-quality leather is used. Only the finest wood is used with a majority of mahogany and stained beech.



Cyril Furniture offers expertise in three main fields : upholstery, cabinet-making, and custom furniture design.
The firm, headquartered in Dubai, operates a number of workshops located in renovated former factories, each over 600 m2.

Thanks to his experience and know-how, he designs all types of interiors, apartments, houses, hotels,

corporate and organization headquarters with stylish elegance for the greater satisfaction of all his clients.


This is where the curtains, sofas, armchairs and exclusive furniture are produced,

using hand-crafting techniques carefully adapted to meet modern requirements.